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We work to protect your rights and best interests, and we produce results. We are dedicated to helping you win your case, and we will begin working for you the minute you hire us. We work to protect your future, including your career, assets and family. Our attorneys stand up against any challenge, and we have the experience to fight for your best possible result at trial.

At Chambers Law Office in Lynnfield, we represent clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our firm routinely handles cases in Peabody District Court, Salem District Court, Essex Superior Court, Suffolk Superior Court, Middlesex Superior Court, and Essex Probate and Family Court. We also handle cases in Boston and federal court, including the federal appeals court.

Richard C. Chambers Jr. is an experienced third-generation criminal defense trial attorney. He is in court daily, successfully defending clients against serious OUI, drug and other criminal charges. Our firm also litigates personal injury, small claims, construction and business disputes, gun rights and family law issues.

With our representation, you are making an investment in your case and future. Our firm fights hard for you. We make your problem our own.

We offer free initial consultations in OUI, criminal, personal injury and civil litigation matters. Call us at 781-581-2031 to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.

Experienced Trial Lawyers Protecting Your Interests

Our Peabody-area criminal attorneys do not aim to plead out cases. If you have been arrested on drunk driving charges, you need to mitigate the consequences you face, which could be life-altering. Do not settle simply because you want to get it over with. Do not take a deal that could include lasting or life-long effects without consulting an experienced lawyer.

A contested divorce case is equally as life-altering. If children are involved, and the issues of child custody and child support are contentious, you absolutely need a lawyer who will fight for your parental rights and interests.

We are professional hired guns with more than 30 years of combined experience. We have a good rapport with and the respect of our colleagues, local judges and district attorneys, and our reputation precedes us. We offer tough, committed representation in any of the following areas:

Choose Your Attorney Wisely

Very few attorneys have the experiences that our attorneys bring to the table: hand selecting the right jurors for trial, keeping clients out of jail, protecting driver's licenses, protecting parental rights, and protecting your freedoms and assets aggressively.

Our legal practice is built on word of mouth and referrals. We are trusted by Massachusetts residents and out-of-state clients alike, and we can handle all legal aspects of your case.

Call us today at 781-581-2031 or email us to schedule a consultation.

Spanish language services are available.