Child Custody Disputes


There are few things in life more stressful and impactful to someone than losing the rights to share in their children's lives, one of the most unfortunate effects of divorce.  Courts are seldom considered fair by either party and the people that often suffer the most as a result are the children.  Your rights and those of your children in any divorce, depend upon the advocacy of your attorneys.  At Chambers Law Office, we recognize the difficulty of the situation you are facing and pride ourselves in our dedication to protecting your rights throughout this challenging period in your life.


Handling All Custody Issues

Understand that the decisions settled upon in a divorce agreement will affect your life for decades to come. Divorce issues of property division, spousal support, child support and child custody, will significantly affect:

  • Your income

  • Your access to your children

  • Your retirement

  • Where you live

  • Your responsibilities

Can you afford not to aggressively pursue a path toward protecting your wealth, retirement, parental rights and future?


What you spend now on highly qualified and effective legal
representation can be far less than what you spend over the
coming decades, if your divorce agreement is unfavorable to you.


There are a lot of assumptions people make about divorce and child custody cases that make them hesitant to fight.  However, if you have cause, the willingness to fight, and a strong lawyer to make your case, then don’t let any preconceived notions stand it your way.  Push for your individual, parental, or mother or father rights.  Fight for what you believe is just and fair.  When it is your child on the line, you want to establish a custody arrangement that is best for you and your child.


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