Small Claims Matters in Massachusetts

We understand that the Small Claims process can be a daunting experience for anyone who hasn’t been through the civil process before. We have dealt with many clients who simply needed our help navigating through the process or needed an attorney to see to the entire process from beginning to end, including going into court to argue on their behalf. We have various programs in place to help clients afford our greatly beneficial legal services.

We can assist in the preparation of your small claims case with:

  • Case Preparation (forms & documents)

  • Magistrate Hearings

  • Magistrate Appeals

  • Trial by Jury or Judge


Lose your Small Claims Appeal?


We have a program in place for people who have had unfavorable results from there Trial by Judge or Six Person Jury.  Under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Uniform Small Claims Rule 8 a person has one year to file a motion to vacate a decision and/or grant relief.  We can draft such a motion, and argue it on your behalf, and attempt to either have the decision vacated and sent back for retrial or have the judgment amount reduced.


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