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Preserving Your Right to Bear Arms in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has one of the toughest gun laws in the United States. In fact, the governor signed a strong bill reinforcing the statewide anti-gun trend. This law allows the local chief of police to revoke your license to bear arms if you have a criminal record.


Protect your right to own and carry firearms. Contact Richard Chambers to speak with a Massachusetts defense attorney and gun-rights advocate.

Revoking an FID Card for Past Criminal Conviction

If you’ve ever been convicted of a juvenile crimeor misdemeanor or felony crime, your Constitutional right to bear arms may be disregarded and your gun ownership placed in jeopardy. When your Firearms Identification Card (FID), also known as your license to carry (LTC), is due for renewal, your license may be revoked for past crimes based on the police chief’s discretion. We have seen this happen and have tenaciously worked on behalf of our clients to have their gun rights restored and their records cleared. For example, one of our recent clients is a respected, retired, honorably discharged veteran whose Second Amendment gun rights were revoked due to past criminal activity. The “activity” cited was an arrest for involvement in a bar fight in the 1950s when he was a young man. Our firm was able to successfully return the right to bear arms to this American veteran.

Fighting to Retain and Reinstate Gun Rights

At Chambers Law Office, we assist law-abiding citizens in the effort to protect their constitutional gun ownership rights. Attorney Richard C. Chambers, Jr. is a third-generation lawyer who defends the rights of our friends and neighbors throughout the Boston area to obtain a Class A high-capacity license to carry or a Class B license to carry non-large capacity firearms. If your gun rights are being threatened due to various reasons, from a 209A restraining order to a criminal record, it is important to promptly take defensive steps. Contact us and learn how to retain or restore your gun rights. Should you decide to engage our services, we will apply the consultation fee to the retainer. We charge a consultation fee because every case is different and we need to meet you to determine what defenses may apply.

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