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At Chambers Law Office in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, we are recognized for our proven success in the courtroom and ability to get results for our clients. We built our reputation in the criminal defense arena, and developed an approach and style that we employ in a broader range of practice areas to great success.

Simply put, when you need a lawyer on your side that is focused on working toward your needs, then we can be a highly effective and a strong force on your side in divorce and child custody matters. We aren’t afraid to push for your objectives and try to break the stereotypes of what is and is not possible in a divorce proceeding.

We are a different kind of divorce law firm than the system is used to seeing, and we use that to your advantage to get favorable results for our clients.

Handling All Matters of Divorce

Understand that the decisions settled upon in a divorce agreement will affect your life for decades to come. Divorce issues of property division, spousal support, child support and child custody, will significantly affect:

  • Your income
  • Your access to your children
  • Your retirement
  • Where you live
  • Your responsibilities

Can you afford not to aggressively pursue a path toward protecting your wealth, retirement, parental rights and future?

What you spend now on highly qualified and effective legal representation can be far less than what you spend over the coming decades, if your divorce agreement is unfavorable to you.

There are a lot of assumptions people make about divorce and child custody cases that make them hesitant to fight. However, if you have cause, the willingness to fight, and a strong lawyer to make your case then don’t let any preconceived notions stand it your way. Push for your individual, parental, or mother’s or father’s rights. Fight for what you believe is just and fair. When it is your child on the line, you want to establish a custody arrangement that is best for you and your child. We will help you fight for one.

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Contact Chambers Law Office for divorce representation designed to fight for your case in and out of the courtroom. Our founding attorney is a third generation lawyer in the Boston area proud to carry on a tradition that has been hard earned.

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